Never worry about running out of email storage space again! GCI is pleased to introduce our GigMail service, with large email storage capacities and our award winning spam and virus email protection - email has never been better! Save and file messages instead of deleting them; they won't clutter your inbox but will be available in case you ever need them again.

Upgrade your existing GCI email address or create a brand new one, either option for the same great low price!
Tired of running out of email storage space? Deleted a message you wish you had now? With 2 gigabytes (2048 MB) of storage space you will have plenty of room for important messages and pictures too.

Only $2.99 per month!
Perfect for the person with lots of family and friends that like to send photos and funny videos! With 5 gigabytes (5120 MB) of storage space you are guaranteed to be pleased.

Only $4.99 per month!